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Use of Narration with Future Tense in English Grammar

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

यदि डायलाग बोलने वाला Future के किसी भी Tense में रहे और डायलाग किसी भी Tense में तो No Change

S+S, O+O, S+V को कमांड करेगा, Comma के बदले That रहेगा।

1. Future + Present + Indefinite = No Change.

Sachin will say, "I play cricket."

Sachin will say that he plays cricket.

2. Future + Present + Imperfect = No Change.

Hari will say, "I am singing a song."

Hari will say that he is singing a song.

3. Future + Present + Perfect = No Change.

I shall say, "I have completed the task."

I shall say that I have completed the task.

4. Future + Present Perfect Continuous = No Change.

Dharmendra will say, "I have been acting for thirty years."

Dharmendra will say that he has been acting for thirty year.

5. Future + Past Indefinite = No Change.

Atul will say, "I won the election."

Atul will say that he won the election.

6. Future + Past Imperfect = No Change.

Priyanka will say, "I was learning politics."

Priyanka will say that she was learning politics.

7. Future + Past + Perfect = No Change.

Lalu will say, "I had decided to sing."

Lalu will say that he had decided to sing.

8. Future + Past Perfect Continuous = No Change.

The driver will say, "I had been traveling for a year."

The driver will say that he had been traveling for a year.

9. Future + Future Indefinite = No Change.

Radha will say, "I shall dance."

Radha will say that she will dance.

10. Future + Future Imperfect = No Change.

The teacher will say, "I shall be teaching."

The teacher will say that he will be teaching.

11. Future + Future Perfect = No Change.

This boy will say, "I shall have finished my task."

This boy will say that he will have finished his task.

12. Future + Future Perfect Continuous = No Change.

My sister will say, "I shall have been cooking the food."

My sister will say that she will have been cooking the food.


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