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Use of Narration with Past Tense in English Grammar

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

अगर डायलाग बोलने वाला Past के किसी भी Tense में हो और डायलाग किसी भी Tense में तो Change होगा। Comma के बदले That होगा. S+S, O+O, S+V कमांड करेगा।

अगर डायलाग बोलने वाला में Object हो तो Said का Told होगा और To नहीं रहेगा।

Past + Present Indefinite = Past Indefinite.

Ram said to Sita, "I eat a mango."

Ram told Sita that he ate a mango.

Past + Present Imperfect = Past Imperfect.

Ramesh said, "I am going to market."

Ramesh said that he was going to market.

Past + Present Perfect = Past Perfect.

You said to me, "I have done my work."

You told me that you had done your work.

Past + Present Perfect Continuous = Past Perfect Continuous.

The boys said to the teacher, "we have been learning English."

The boys told that teacher that they had been learning English.

Past + Past Indefinite = Past Perfect.

The teacher said, "I taught English."

The teacher said that he had taught English.

Past + Past Imperfect = Past Perfect Continuous.

The teacher said, "I was teaching English."

The teacher said that he had been teaching English.

Past + Past Perfect = Nill.

Past + Past Perfect Continuous = Nill.

Past + Future Indefinite = Future in Past.

The player said, "I shall try my best."

The player said that he would try his best.

Past + Future Imperfect = Future in past.

Gangully said, "I shall be taking wickets."

Gangully said that he would be tacking wickets.

Past + Future Perfect = Future in past.

My father said, "I shall have bought a car."

My father said that he would have bought a car.

Past + Future Perfect Continuous = Future in Past.

Hari said, "I shall have been solving the problem."

Hari said that he would have been solving the problem.

Past में अगर Future हो तो Shall या Will के बदले Should या Would रहेगा तथा That रहेगा।

अगर डायलाग बोलने वाला Past या कोई भी Tense में रहे और डायलाग Universal हो तो डायलाग में नो Change That रहेगा।

Past + Universal Truth = No Change.

Sunil said, "the earth moves round the sun."

Sunil said that the earth moves round the sun.

My father said, "the sun rises in the east."

My father said that the sun rises in the east.


जाट देवता (संदीप पवाँर) said...

काम की उचित जरुरी जानकारी।

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