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Omission of Article in English Grammar

Sunday, April 12, 2009

1. Normally, Proper Noun doesn’t take any “Article” before it – Ram, Patna etc.

2. If common noun is in the form of plural noun, it will not take any “Article” – Boys are playing.

3. Never use “Article” before the Material Noun – Water is gold.

4. Abstract Noun also doesn’t take any “Article” – Love is blind.

5. “Article” is not used before the sports name – Cricket, Football etc.

6. Before the name of weather, “Article” is not used – summer, winter etc.

7. Before the “Night” and “Day”, “Article” is not used – Night was dark.

8. “Morning” and “Evening” don’t take any “Article” before it – Morning is very pleasant.

9. Before “Society” we don’t use “The” – We live in society.

10. Before the diseases name, “Article” is not used – Fever, Plague etc.

11. The noun which comes after the possessive adjective, doesn’t take “Article” before it – My pen, Your Book etc.

12. The word which starts from “By”, doesn’t take any article – By train, By sheep etc.

13. The noun which comes after the Demonstrative Adjective, doesn’t take any “Article” before it – This boy etc.

14. The word which comes after the distributive adjective, doesn’t take any “Article” – Each boy is late today.

15. Before “Man, Mankind, Woman, God, Father, Mother, Unique, Universal, Humanity”, “The” is not used – God is great.

16. Normally, we don’t use any “Article” before “Heaven, Paradise and Hell” – We believe in paradise.

17. Before the name of any languages, we don’t use “Article” – We are learning English.

18. Before the “Sunset” and “Sunrise”, “Article” is not used – It is the time of Sunset.

19. Normally, before the Muhalla, Villages, City, State, and Country; “Article” is not used – I live at Kankarbagh.

20. Before the “Diner, Breakfast, Supper, Lunch etc. we don’t use “Article” – Dinner is ready.

21. Before the Battle, “Article” is not used – Battle is dangerous.

22. After the “No”, “Article” is not used – I have no pen.

23. After the “not and any”, “Article” is not used – I have not any friend.

These are some omission of article which is used promptly in English Grammar. Omission tells what is not used. Omission of Article tells where “Article” is not used.


Hạ Thụy said...

I don't have comment, just want to ask you a question.In the sentence:
"Some houses have no appliances such as the dryers, washing machines or air-conditioners and rooms aren't large enough for living".Do I need define articles the before dryers, wshing machines or air-conditioners and rooms.Thank you.Can you answer in the part Articles or in Comment?

sureshan said...

Good morning to Russel's institue managment.
we are very thankful to your information .we are grateful to you if you provide complete information about article because we omit any article before break-fast , lunch and dinner but some time we place article .I would like know why do we omit or place articles before them?

kindly give full information

thank you


malu said...

thank u for ur kind information......!!!

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