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Use of Narration with Present Tense In English Grammar

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

अगर डायलाग बोलने वाला Present के किसी भी Tense में रहे और डायलाग किसी भी Tense में रहे तो No Change डायलाग बोलने वाले का Subject डायलाग को Subject को कमांड करता है तथा Object - Object को। Inverted Comma के बदले That रहेगा। अगर डायलाग बोलने में Object रहेगा तो Say का Tell होगा। To नहीं रहेगा तो Say ही होगा।

1. Present + Present Indefinite = No Change

Direct: Ram says to Sita, "I love you".

Indirect: Ram tels Sita that he loves her.

2. Present + Present Imperfect = No Change

Direct: The servant says to the owner, "I am going to market".

Indirect: The servant tells the owner that he is going to market.

3 Present + Present Perfect = No Change

Direct: Sachin says, "I have scored century".

Indirect: Sachin says that he has scored century.

4. Present + Present Perfect Continuous = No Change

Direct: The driver says, "I have been driving the car for five years".

Indirect: The driver says that he has been driving the car for five years.

5. Present + Past Indefinite = No Change

Direct: Ramesh says, "I won the match".

Indirect: Ramesh says that he won the match.

6. Present + Past Imperfect = No Change

Direct: They says, "We were watching the match".

Indirect: They say that they were watching the match.

7. Present + Past Perfect = No Change

Direct: The boys say, "We had cut the tree".

Indirect: The boys say that they had cut the tree.

8. Present + Past Perfect Continuous = No Change

Direct: Rams says, "I had been living in Patna for two months".

Indirect: Ram says that he had been living in Patna for two months.

9. Present + Future Indefinite = No Change

Direct: Sita says, "I shall cook food".

Indirect: Sita says that she will cook food.

10. Present + Future Imperfect = No Change

Direct: I says, "I shall be helping the poor".

Indirect: I say that I shall be helping the poor.

11. Present + Future Perfect = No Change

Direct: We say, "We shall have passed the exam".

Indirect: We say that we shall have passed the exam.

12. Present + Future Perfect Continuous = No Change

Direct: Ranjana says to me, "I shall have been teaching geography."

Indirect: Ranjana tells me that she will have been teaching geography.
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