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Uses of Remove Too in English Grammar

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Single Too:

a) The weather is too hot.

The weather is hotter than proper.

b) He came too late.

He came later than proper.

c) The weather was too chill.

The weather was chiller than proper.

d) He was too careless.

He was more careless than was proper to him.

e) The water was too cold.

The water was colder than required.

पहले Subject तथा Verb लिख देते है फिर Comparable उसके बाद Than फिर Proper या Desirable या Bearable या Required अपने मन से लिख देंगे।

Single (Too) But before the Sentence.

Too much praise spoils an artist.

More than proper praise spoils an artist.

पहले More Than Proper लिखकर पूरा वाक्य उतार देंगे।

Double 'Too' - Showing habit':

She is too proud to apologise.

She is so proud that she will not apologies.

पहले Subject उसके बाद Too के स्थान पर So फिर habit फिर To के स्थान पर That फिर Subject उसके बाद अपने मन से Will Not फिर वाक्य उतार देंगे।

Double Too (Capability):

a) She is too weak to come on foot.

She is so weak that she can't come on foot.

b) Rama was too kind to kill Ravana.

Rama was so kind that he couldn't kill Ravana.

पहले Subject तथा Verb फिर Too के स्थान पर So फिर जो Word रहेगा फिर To के स्थान पर That फिर Subject और Subject के अनुसार Can या Could फिर Not Complement.

Double "Too" (But Inanimate Things)

a) The result is too bad to publish.

The result is so bad that it can't be published.

Subject उसके बाद Verb फिर Too के स्थान पर So फिर जो Word रहेगा सो फिर Too के स्थान पर That फिर Things के लिए It फिर Can't फिर Be फिर V3.

Double (Too) with the work done by man and subject can't do anything:

a) The sun is too hot to go out.

The sun is so hot that we can't go out.

b) The luggage is too heavy to carry.

The luggage is so heavy that one can't carry it.

Subject + V + Too के स्थान पर So फिर Word फिर Too के स्थान पर That फिर Subject फिर Can't फिर Complement.


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