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Use of WH Question in Narration

Friday, August 3, 2012

Question with "WH" मेंभी S+O तथा O+S रहेगा।इसमें "WH" रहेगाउसकेबाद S उसकेबाद AV औरबादमें PV रहेगा।इसमें Comma केबदलेमेंकुछनहींलगानापड़ेगा।बाकीसब Tense केअनुसारबदलेगा।तथा Marks Of Interrogation अंतमेंनहींरहेगा।

Question with "WH"

1. He said to me, "What is your name?"

He asked me what my name was.

2. Why are you lagging behind, "said the horse to the mair".

The horse asked the mair why she was lagging behind.

3. The teacher said to me, "Where do you live?"

The teacher asked me where I lived.

4. Sanjay said to Moti, "which way leads to the station?"

Sanjay asked Moti which way lead to the station.

5. He said to him, "why do you not ask other?"

He asked him why he did not ask other.

6. I asked him, "why did he come late that day?"

I asked him why he had come late previous day.

7. Rakesh said to Rajesh, "what will you do with the money?"

Rakesh asked Rajesh what he would do with the money.


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