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Introduction of English Class

Monday, October 27, 2008

I am Elizabeth. I am a student of English Language. I want to share something interesting which can make easy English Language. Many students feel that English language is very hard to learn but I think it is very easy language like – Hindi, German, and French etc.

It is literary language that is why it is very easy. Second it is simple so it is very easy. To learn the language you have to follow some tips like:

Ready Daily News Paper

Mark that words which are hard and see that meaning with dictionary

Study English literature also on daily basis and note hard word here also

During reading make sure about sentences structure and define in which tense or form sentences has been made

Here I will tell you about English language but it will be Hindi to English. Basically, it will be translation Hindi to English or Grammar of English.

My practices show that English is very interesting subject if you follow some rule during study this language.

If you have some comment regarding this, write me I would be glad.



Zamir said...

your learning way is nice,so sweet.thank u

PAPPU said...

Its good, but very basic.


anuj said...

the way you are motivating people and releasing fear of lot of people from english, fist of all i will say thanks from my heart and hope you will give us more techniques and methods for improving our english.


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